About SGL Chemical Co., Ltd

SGL Chemical Co., Ltd  Exist to support pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries in their research, development and manufacture, providing high quality cost effective products and services to the fine chemical communities with the goal of accelerating commercial success.


Supply custom synthesis products and pharmaceutical intermediates our core business. We are also devoted to innovative chemical process technologies for the production of key pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Why Choose SGL Chemical Co., Ltd?

· Competitive pricing
· Significant warehouse inventory with immediate delivery of all in stock products
· New substance classes and unique chemical building blocks
· High quality reliable products to increase your research and production efficiency
· Good roduction facilities for your custom synthesis and packing requirements

Product Range:

·Boc, Cbz, Fmoc protected amino acids
·Amino Alcohols · Chiral building blocks
·Amino acids methyl ester hydrochloride; Amino acids ethyl ester hydrochloride